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This book represents a collection of various thought provoking views and ideas regarding certain topics germane to us all. No matter where you are in life, this book will undoubtedly stimulate your curious tendencies.

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    Of the five senses, we utilize four of them in pairs. We possess two eyes to see, two ears to hear, two nostrils to smell, two hands to feel, but only one mouth to speak. We even have two of every tooth to chew our food with, yet only one mouth and one tongue. I would think that to be by design.

    The tongue might bear a resemblance to a tiny little rudder that controls an enormous ship or the little kindling flame that could burn down a forest; because the tongue has the ability to defame mankind. We tame and control the world’s most vicious creatures such as lions, bears, sharks, birds, snakes, crocodiles, tigers, dogs, and other dangerous animals; but very few men can tame their own tongue. I would attribute the tongue’s remarkable capacity for rapid healing to the fact that it is used so frequently – and often to abuse others. We have one mouth and one ass, and at times they appear to produce a similar substance. 

    Even though I may regret some of the things I have said, I have never regretted my silence. In fact, a well-timed silence can be more expressive than any spoken words. 

    While we are part of the animal kingdom, we do have the ability to intellectualize and be rational. Like animals, we too can be conditioned by our environment, which could cause us to react by instinct. Nevertheless human beings have a conscience, which enables us to distinguish between right and wrong, under all circumstances. Animals, supposedly, do what they must in order to survive; however even they can be trained to know what is right and what is wrong, by the means of rewards and punishment. Some of us are similar to animals in that we were raised on the basis of survival; thus, we are sometimes prone to use our instincts rather than rational thought.

    A while back a very inspiring young lady told me, people want what they can’t have. At the time I had no idea what she meant by that statement, even after she explained it to me in further detail. But now, years later, I am beginning to understand exactly what she was trying to explain to me. It really is as simple as she put it…whatever it is that we cannot have, we want. We have an irresistible need for the unattainable. And once we acquire what was once unattainable, we would then want something even greater, which at that point becomes another irresistible and inaccessible want. So it seems that we are devoid of satisfaction as our appetites are insatiable. No matter what social class we are in, I would argue that we never fail to want more. Lower class people want what the middle class has, and the middle class wants what the upper class has. The upper class already with its wealth, real estate, private businesses, automobiles, homes, yachts, and plenty of nice things for themselves and their children, want even more wealth, power, and control. 

    As we shift our focus from greed for material things to achieving more altruistic goals, this world might be a much more peaceful and harmonious place. Maybe we all can have happiness and stability by appreciating what we already have, and not getting into the greed cycle of living. If only we wanted what we already have, maybe we would all have exactly what we want. 

    Everything, including ourselves, remains in its purest form until we come in contact with it. Since Adam and Eve, man has done everything to damage what was once wholesome, pure, and untainted. The earth, the ozone, the sea, our bodies, our youth, the air we breathe, and the water we drink were all free from pernicious elements prior to man’s interference. We sexually exploit each other tainting life itself, reminiscent of Sodom and Gomorrah. We mock the poor yet we continue to administer the lottery. We battle endlessly amongst each other over our diminishing supply of natural resources. We mock and ridicule the values of our forefathers and call it liberalism. Our automobiles, personal hygiene products, and other necessities pollute the air that we must breathe in order to survive. We saturate our environment with profanity and pornography and call it freedom of speech and expression. We knowingly eat foods that our bodies have difficulty digesting properly. We consume exceptional amounts of alcohol, which inhibits our motor skills and prevents our brain cells from functioning properly. Smoking has been clinically tested and proven to cause various types of cancer, yet we continue to fill our lungs with nicotine, tobacco, and other toxins while being fully aware of the consequences. We murder, rob and cause others to live in less favorable conditions due to our own greed and arrogance. We covet our neighbor’s possessions and call it ambition. We have invented a legitimate way to destroy a life while it is still in the womb and call it a choice. We have caused various species of animals to become endangered and extinct while we remain adamant in fulfilling our need to hunt and kill. We continue to drain the earth of its natural resources so that our own lives will be simplified. We invented guns to murder each other with and labeled them Peacemakers.

Get your copy for only $14.99

incl. tax and delivery

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