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Start your bundled project by filling out the questionnaire below. This questionnaire will help us truly understand your needs, and knowing what the customer needs is a key factor to the success of any project. Our goal is to deliver you a set of products that amplify your visual voice. 

First, we’d like to know a few things about you, then we’ll need a little background information on the business or entity that your products will represent. The last section of the questionnaire is all about your logo, website and business cards. 

Let’s get started, shall we.

tell us about you

What is your name?

What is your phone number?

What is your email address?

Tell us about your business/company.

I.e. What do you do? Who are your customers? What are your Vision/Mission statements? What is your slogan or tag-line?

Do you have an existing website?

If so, please provide URL to the website

Do you have an existing logo?

If so, please provide URL that contains image

Are there any existing logos that you like? Websites? Business cards? Why do you like them?

If so, please provide URL to examples

When do you need your logo? Website? Business cards?

I.e. What is your timeline?

What information do you want included on your business cards?

What adjectives should best describe your logo? 

Your logo will be face of your company’s identity. What message should your products to convey?

Do you have any color preferences?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Describe any additional ideas and/or details you have in mind for any of your new products

tell us about your project goals

tell us about your company

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