about slick’s publishing, llc.

We are Slick’s Publishing, a freelance consulting company. 

We started as a graphics design shop focused on creating affordable out-of-the-box designs and products for individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start up companies who are up and coming in the pursuit of their personal and/or professional goals. Since then, we’ve added multiple consulting services all geared towards helping you market and grow your business.

Don’t let our name fool you.  Even though our name is synonymous with publishing, we’re a full scale consulting company and can help you with anything from logos, websites, and business cards to marketing strategies, demand generation, and digital marketing. You will find our products and services to be sleek, distinct, effective and affordable.

But the money is not what drives us. Satisfying you (our customer), galvanizing your brand and growing your business is what we’re all about. In other words, we imagine, create and inspire.

Our customer base spans across a wide range of sectors such as musicians, restaurants, carpenters, photographers, food truckers, authors, commercial advertising, and business consultants.

We’re just getting started, so check back to view our work as we build our portfolio.  

Thank you for stopping by and we can’t wait to take you outside of the box! 

Look forward to hearing from you!

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